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Yengeç Trash Picking Tool

Yengeç Brand Practial Trash Pickering Tools

We designed “YENGEÇ” brand Trash Picking Tools ” by the purpose of clean environment and highest level of human health and dignity.

Yengeç Hayvan Kurtarma Aparatları Yengeç Hayvan Kurtarma Seti Yengeç Çöp Toplama Aparatı

Why Yengeç Tools ?

“Trash Picker” of “YENGEÇ” model is an environment friendly, hygienic and practical tool and it provides picking all kind of solid wastes on the floor without bending and touching and provides collecting them easily inside the trash bag held by the means of special “trash bag holder”.

What Is The Advantages ?

All kind of trash such as tissue, cloth, bottle, cans and different unhealthy wastes in the environment can be picked and collected by the means of “YENGEÇ” in a healthful way from a limited distance without any touch and breathing.

Trash Picker can be considered as an important tool in the “Social Responsibility Projects ” for giving the walking-impaired persons back to community and creating working-area for them earning money as suitable to human dignity.

Yengeç Çok Amaçlı Tutucu Aparatı Yengeç Çöp Torbasını Rahat Tutma ve Taşıma Aparatı Yengeç Yaprak Toplama Aparatı

Other Types Of Yengeç's Designed For Different Use

• Barbeque tongs for protecting hands from fire.

• Product holder for taking the goods easily from high shelves.

• Private “Trash Bag Holder” provides easy and comfortable holding and carrying your trash bag during cleaning.

Different Use Areas Of Yengeç Tools

• In The Munıcıpal Cleaning Services

• Park and Garden Cleaning

• Cleaning Of Highway and Traffic Island

• Toilet Pissoir Cleaning

• Pool Cleaning

• School Yard cleaning

• Cleanıng Of Mosque Yard and Fountaın

• Use Of Yengeç Tools By Walking-imperiad Persons On Wheelchairs

• Use Of Yengeç Tools By Firemen During Animal Rescuers

• Use During Holding Of Dangerous Reptiles and Snake